Top Cannabis “Greening Out” stories

Cannabis Greening Out stories

Top Cannabis “Greening Out” Stories People can’t technically overdose on cannabis but sometimes it is possible to consume more than is necessary. Several side effects might occur when you overdose on cannabis, resulting in an unpleasant experience known in smoking circles as greening out. Greening out is a term for when someone feels sick after…

Biggest Celebrity Cannabis Users

Biggest Celebrity Cannabis Users

Many musicians, actors, and celebrities today are now heavily into the cannabis culture. More and more celebrities are speaking about their cannabis usage and even lending their voices for the legalization and decriminalization of the drug. The rush of these celebrities into the cannabis space indicates how cannabis is now being accepted in the mainstream….

Cannabis Strain Types – Which One Is Best For You?

How to choose Cannabis Strain Types

It is said that there are over 700 cannabis strain types in existence. For beginner cannabis users, deciding on which strain is best for your particular need can seem pretty overwhelming due to the many potential choices to choose from. Dispensaries usually have in stock a wide variety of strains and cannabis-infused products that they…

Cannabis Facts You Never Knew About!

Cannabis Facts

Cannabis has been used for both medical and recreational purposes for thousands of years. With over 700 recognized strains in existence today and more still being developed, it is unlikely that the world will ever completely unlock all of the secrets within this plant. From fighting cancer to making beauty products and quality fabrics, cannabis…

Three Surprising Factual Benefits of Cannabis

How Cannabis Can Improve Your Life and Well Being

The benefits of medical cannabis or medicinal marijuana has been used to treat a range of medical issues for many years. The growing call for marijuana legalization comes amid the rising number of studies showing the legitimate medicinal uses of cannabis. Recent research has proven that there are valid reasons to continue studying its medicinal…