Cinderella 99

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Cinderella 99 otherwise called C99 is a Hybrid that is famous for its high yields, pleasant flavors, and buzzy head high.

  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Texture: Normal
  • Flavour:CitrusFruity, Sweet, Tropical
  • Common Usage: Depression, Fatigue
  • Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Motivation, Uplifting

Grade: AA+

Sativa: 50% Indica: 50%

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Product Description

What to Know Before You Buy Cinderella 99Online!

Cinderella 99 or C99 or even “Cindy” is a Hybrid that is famous for its high yields, pleasant flavors, and buzzy head high.

It is created by Mr. Soul of the Brothers Grimm through a long process of back-crossing over three generations of genetic selections. The result is a cross between Princess and Cinderella 88, which is most suitable for indoor cultivation.

Legend has it that Mr. Soul found the parent seeds of Cinderella 99 inside an Amsterdam-purchased Sensi Seeds package of Jack Herer. Also, it was a contender in the High Times Magazine’s “Top Ten Strains of 2009” list.

Cinderella 99 produces long, thick central colas if left up-topped and possesses a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio. It also has insanely high yields and short flowering time which makes it a highly sought after strain by breeders.

The appearance of this strain is famous by short stature and comes with rich, dense buds that are extremely sticky. They have a light to medium green color with a plethora of brassy orange pistils. Curl and twist amongst their leaves are thickly coated in crystal trichomes that glisten brightly when placed under the light.

On the first hit, Cindy oozes of fruit and citrus scents mixed with earthy undertones. Your taste buds will immediately become filled with so much sweetness. It takes approximately 15 minutes for the full effect to kick in once ingested and the effects can last up to 90 minutes.

Cinderella 99 typically induces a light and dreamy body high that delivers waves of uplifting mood and euphoria, followed by increasing levels of energy and creativity. It is a perfect day time strain because it gives you energy while keeping you focused.

You can buy Cinderella 99 Online at Pacific Grass and use it to treat common conditions such as anxiety, pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and depression.


Sweet, Tropical, Fruity

Overall Effects of Cinderella 99:

Creative, Uplifting, Energetic, Euphoric

Medical Attributes:

May provide relief from anxiety, pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and depression

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Cinderella 99

    September 20, 2021
    This C99 was perfect for me. Just a mellow and tasty smoke for daytimes where you don't want to be too high but have some chores to do!
    0 0
    August 31, 2021
    Really loved this strain! Energetic, euphoric, great daytime high
    0 0
    August 24, 2021
    Solid 4 stars. Nice buzz, flowers are nice, taste is mild.
    Would definitely recommend.
    0 0
    August 23, 2021
    This is the first time trying this strain - taste good, smooth smoke.
    0 0
    August 13, 2021
    Cinderella 99 has a very nice flavour. Great deal, relaxing strain
    0 0
    August 9, 2021
    It's was pretty good will get agin at some point I'd say
    0 0
    August 8, 2021
    Great strain. First time trying it and it will be a regular purchase for me. Energized
    0 0
    Shawna Priestley
    August 5, 2021
    Nice price very smooth and relaxing will deffientley order again
    0 0
    July 25, 2021
    Glad I grabbed at this really great price. I like this as a daytime or anytime strain that gives high energy. This is what I was expecting based on m...More
    Glad I grabbed at this really great price. I like this as a daytime or anytime strain that gives high energy. This is what I was expecting based on my past experiences with Cindy 99.
    0 0
    November 22, 2019
    Traditional mellow high. Headstrong.
    1 0
    November 22, 2019
    Nice and relaxing high. I usually smoke it before bed.
    0 0
    November 21, 2019
    Hits you in all the right places. It is highly euphoric. Got it in 2 days. Thanks for additional merch guys! I will order again.
    1 0

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