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Also known as “RSO” or Rick Simpson Oil it contains 412mg THC, 29.4mg CBD, and 27.6mg CBN per 1 ml in an oral syringe package.

Start with 1-2 drops under the tongue a few times per day to determine your tolerance level and gradually increase the dosage over time.

  • 1 Syringe In Each Order
  • Dosage: Begin with 1-2 drops under the tongue.
  • Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Sleep Disorders, Cancer, and Epilepsy.

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    Product Description

    Concentrated oil rendered from cannabis, also known as “phoenix tears,” are a very strong medicine used to alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses, such as cancers, AIDS/HIV, and diabetes.

    Phoenix tear oil soothes the effects of radiotherapy/chemotherapy for patients in recovery.

    Dosages of 1g/1mL are recommended for late-stage illness to combat severe pain, nausea, weight-loss from treatments, but new patients should slowly work their way up to this dosage, as the concentration is very potent.

    Mary’s quality control and testing process ensure a consistent product.

    Reviews (3)

    3 reviews for Mary’s – Phoenix Tears

      August 14, 2021
      Not a big fan off oil but this was very clean and didn't have to much taste
      Alexandra P.
      July 25, 2021
      Love this product. Works quickly and lasts a long time.
      June 14, 2020
      This works amazing! High lasts a long time too 😍

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