Top 10 Things to do When High

Being high is pretty much great on its own, especially when you’re looking to relax, but there’s more to getting high than just chilling on the couch for hours. So you want to get high but don’t have a plan, or perhaps you’re about to smoke and want to make the most of it.

There are plenty of interesting things that you can do when high. This article highlights the top 10 things to do when high. It includes the various activities you can partake in, individually or as a group, that would provide the highest level of entertainment after smoking cannabis.

#10: Paint, Draw or Sketch

Cannabis is famed for the creative potential it unleashes and is valued by artists for centuries. When high, you can tap into the creative recesses of your subconscious and let your inner child out. Making something artistic is one of the best ways you can take advantage of a great high. Who knows, you could create the next best Picasso.

#9: People Watch

While high, you have an almost heightened perspective on the world. You can use that opportunity to observe those around you openly. Being high allows you to see points of view you may never have even considered, you can gain insights into human behavior, body language, facial expressions, and many more.

#8: Go on an Adventure/ Explore the woods

Smoking cannabis can be compared to sending your brain on a journey, so why not take your physical self along too? It doesn’t have to be something over the top. You could simply explore the woods or visit the museum while observing the wonders of nature or the great works of history. Whichever you choose, go there and enjoy the moment!

#7: Play Video Games

This is hands down one of the best activities you can engage in when high. There are countless visually stunning, compelling, immersive, surreal, and thought-provoking video games available today. Imagine yourself interacting with MMORPGs and virtual worlds while high as a kite. The feeling is more intense, and you can become so engrossed it almost feels real.

#6: Have Sex

Sex is fantastic and even much more exciting when you’re high. Cannabis has a great way of awakening all of your senses. It sensitizes the body and delivers more pleasure to every touch. Literally, every second of the sexual experience will provide a sensational rush and a feeling of true satisfaction in the end.

#5: Stare at the Stars/ Clouds

Staring at the stars or clouds when high can help you breathe and relax while expanding your thoughts and digging deep into subjects you most likely wouldn’t touch on your own. It is a great way to gain some perspective on just about any topic.

#4: Listen to Music

Another great way to enjoy a good high is to listen to your favorite artists. Pump up the volume and completely lose yourself in the musical rhythm. It is one of the best ways to relax while the rest of the world around you fades away entirely for a while.

#3: Have a Deep Conversation

Being high opens your mind to external ideas that you may have previously rejected. It could also help you examine tough subjects from a different perspective. Get together with some friends or have a talk with someone that’s very close to you to share your new thoughts.

#2: Watch a Movie

Watching your favorite movies when high can give you a whole new perspective about the movie’s storyline and its characters. An emotional movie can turn out to be a hilarious one and a thrilling movie can leave you breathless from laughter when under you’re a good cannabis high.

#1: Go on a Snack Run

Several cannabis strains can naturally stimulate your taste buds and increase your appetite and cravings for snack foods. Going on a snack run is a great way to enjoy your cannabis high, whether you’re munching on some chips, crackers, or even dry cereal.

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