Top Cannabis “Greening Out” Stories

People can’t technically overdose on cannabis but sometimes it is possible to consume more than is necessary. Several side effects might occur when you overdose on cannabis, resulting in an unpleasant experience known in smoking circles as greening out.

Greening out is a term for when someone feels sick after consuming too much cannabis. While it may differ from one individual to the other, greening out is usually characterized by vomiting, sweating, dizziness, feelings of acute anxiety, and a range of other symptoms.

Though these side effects only last a couple of hours, it can be remedied if you find a way to relax. Below are some of the top greening out stories we’ve managed to gather from reviews made by avid cannabis users. Enjoy!

Jacob, 25 y/o

Jacob was in his first year of college when he had his first greening out experience. It was his fifth time smoking cannabis and was out with a group of friends when it happened. Greening out for Jacob felt like his throat was closing up and he was basically having a panic attack. While they were walking back to their residence he said it felt really bad that he couldn’t breathe, so he had to tell his friends to call 911.

They initially didn’t agree to call 911 and called the university taxi service instead, but the university taxi service wasn’t liable to do hospital delivery, so they ended up calling 911. After the ambulance arrived, they felt his heart beating really fast so they put him on an IV and put the patches all over his body. Jacob had to wait in the hospital for a couple of hours while the doctors made sure his heart didn’t explode. When he finally got back to the residence, he said he felt the same as before and everything went back to normal.

Ashley, 26 y/o

This greening out story is actually about Ashley’s dad. He was making cannabis oil because it usually helps with his back pain. This particular day, he had some leftover oil out of the container. Rather than save it, he decided to literally spread it over some toast and eat it, not knowing it would get him super high. He got way too high, his heart was beating so hard he said he thought it was going to explode.

He called an ambulance as he got so scared, and went to a hospital, and they had to keep him overnight. He called Ashley while it was going on and she was laughing so hard the entire time because she knew he was going to be fine, he just didn’t know that. She said he must have tried smoking cannabis once as a teenager and didn’t like it back then but she smokes cannabis so she knew.

Mike, 25 y/o

Mike had his first greening out experience when he was 20 years old. It was his first-ever pot brownie experience which he was sharing with a friend. He said his friend shoved an extremely potent cookie into his mouth but he couldn’t feel anything for 30 minutes so he ate another quarter. He said he then entered hyperspace and had to lay down on the bed and began drifting with the stars and thought he was dying.

At first, Mike said he couldn’t move and was scared yet at ease. Then he accepted that he had died. His girlfriend later came into the room, then he woke up from his bake and had a mental freak out telling her he wasn’t alright. He jumped out of bed and tried calling 911 with his hand, not realizing his hand wasn’t a phone. He kept doing this for about five minutes and before realizing how much of an idiot he was, so he laid back down and fell asleep.

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