Discreet Packaging for Your Cannabis Orders

Plain White Poly Mailers Guaranteed

Discreet Packaging for Your Cannabis Orders

Your privacy is our top priority at Pacific Grass, your trusted online cannabis store serving Canada. We understand the importance of discreet packaging when it comes to cannabis delivery. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your orders arrive discreetly and securely, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Plain White Poly Mailers Guaranteed

When you order from Pacific Grass, you can rest assured that your package will arrive in plain white poly mailers. Our commitment to plain packaging means that no one but you will be excited about what’s inside. There are no flashy logos, images, or labels that could draw unnecessary attention. Your privacy is paramount, and we take it seriously.

Your Confidential Delivery Experience

Discreet Shipping Labels

Your privacy matters to us, and that’s why our shipping labels are designed to protect it. Importantly, you won’t find Pacific Grass on the label. Instead, it only displays your delivery address without revealing any details about the sender or the contents inside. It’s our way of ensuring complete discretion while using Canada Post for secure and hassle-free delivery. Below, you can find an example for reference.

More About Our Shipping Process

What to expect

All Orders are

Shipped from Vancouver, BC

All our orders are shipped from Vancouver, British Columbia. With Pacific Grass, you can trust that your cannabis products are sourced locally and shipped securely to your doorstep using Canada Post. Our central location allows for timely deliveries across Canada.

Sealed in Heavy-Duty Poly Mailers

Your order’s safe journey begins with our commitment to security. We seal our heavy-duty poly mailers with top-quality packaging tape, providing an extra layer of protection. This ensures your cannabis products stay safe and intact throughout their transit.

Return Address Information

Courier services require us to include a return address on all orders. Please note that while there is a return address, it will not include the Pacific Grass name or branding. We take your privacy seriously, and our return address will be discreetly standard without any identifiers.

Experience the difference with Pacific Grass today. Your privacy is our top priority, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order our premium cannabis products now and enjoy discreet packaging that reflects our commitment to your privacy.