Cannabis concentrates, otherwise called, wax, ear wax, dabs, shatter, errl, black glass, and 710 (“oil” flipped and spelled backward), are a highly potent and pure form of cannabis. You can buy Concentrates online in Canada for many different uses.
Concentrates are usually extracted from the cannabis plant and have more cannabinoids and terpenes than natural cannabis flowers. They are a component among many other parts that make up the cannabis plant matrix and have an appearance like butter or honey. Due to its appearance, concentrates are sometimes called “budder” or “honey oil” in cannabis online shops.

You can buy Concentrates online in Canada at Pacific Grass – one of the leading online dispensaries for medical marijuana in Canada. Our extensive range of concentrates is produced with the highest safety standards and experienced cannabis specialists to ensure the highest degree of quality.

Concentrates are usually extracted using several different methods. These methods range from alcohol, butane/propane, and CO2, to more basic methods like solvent-free extraction.

Cannabis Concentrates contain a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical compound found in cannabis that is mainly known for its intoxicating effects and causing disordered thinking. The high THC levels are reportedly four times stronger than top shelf or high-grade marijuana, which hangs around 20 percent.
Concentrates allow you to experience cannabis in many different ways. They come in various kinds of textures and can be consumed in many different ways. They can also be found in hundreds of products ranging from weed oil cartridges to medicated muscle creams.

You can buy Concentrates Online in Canada at Pacific Grass and infuse them in your food items and beverages. Fine-tune your cannabis experience by selecting the ideal combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that best suits your taste and offers the most benefit.

Concentrates are as diverse as they are potent and they come in many different forms. They have a high bioavailability, which means their effects and rate of absorption into the body occur almost immediately.

The dosage of concentrates varies from person to person, depending on their consumption preferences and tolerance level. Its effects can last between 1 to 3 hours depending on the individual. The ideal method for consumption also depends on the type and texture of the selected concentrate including the personal habits of the consumer.

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