Enigma Extracts Carts

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*1 gram cartridge, 100% pure flower extracted full-spectrum oil with no fillers or additives*

8 different strains to choose.

  • Common Usage: Stress, Depression, Anxiety
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy

  • Live Trainwreck
  • Live Comatose
  • White Cookies
  • Rockstar
  • Mimostar
  • Troptar
  • Apple Mimosa
  • Macmosa
  • Live Crescendo
  • CBDeath Bubba (25% CBD)
  • Live Banana Sundae
  • Pinetar
  • Sour Star
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    Product Description

    Made by Enigma Extracts.

    These all-ceramic carts have a NiChrome coil encased in ceramic so there is no metal contact to the extract.

    They pass all of Canada’s safety regulations and have zero heavy metal contamination. Due to the nature of the raw oil, when below room temperature the oil becomes more viscous.

    After sitting for a while, you may have to take a harder pull to get it flowing properly. Batteries that have a preheat function such as the Yocan Uni can help ensure good flow in cold temperatures.

    The recommended power setting is 2.5-4V depending on your battery and under 10W max.

    Using a battery mod with preheat is highly recommended.

    Use on the lowest power setting that still gives you the desired amount of vapor.

    Best flavor retention is at the lowest power setting.

    Do not store the cartridge in areas warmer than room temperature.

    In cold temperatures, warm cartridge in your hand or other sources of heat to ensure better flow.

    Disclaimer: When you inhale you need to draw hard to prevent heating the oil but not having it become fully vaporized to prevent having a burnt oil taste or having burnt oil backflow into the Cartridge.
    The recommended battery from proper functioning is the Yocan Uni-Pro and if you use a mod not designed for cartridges that you will not be eligible for a replacement.

    Reviews (8)

    8 reviews for Enigma Extracts Carts

      Bubba Mangalorian
      June 4, 2020
      Had the Live Trainwreck and Live Crescendo Carts, no regrets. While being a little pricey know that they're 1g carts and they'll last you for a week o...More
      Had the Live Trainwreck and Live Crescendo Carts, no regrets. While being a little pricey know that they're 1g carts and they'll last you for a week or 2 if ya use it right! Great taste and smooth with a pull, great for a brisk walk or a night out with friends. The vape doesn't have a lot of lingering smell so I've found it easy to use in a dorm as well. Best quality carts I've had, give 'em a try!
      5 0
      June 2, 2020
      Best carts I've ever smoked. Makes other carts look like child's play. 5/5
      4 0
      May 22, 2020
      Tasty, potent, clean and so easy to use. I'll definitely be coming back for these
      3 0
      May 16, 2020
      Best carts I have ever purchased! Don't miss out!!
      3 0
      May 16, 2020
      Tastes great and a good high! thank you, please keep them in stock :)
      3 0
      May 8, 2020
      Best cart that i ever bought! the ceramic make all the difference
      3 0
      April 9, 2020
      Tried all of them, superb product. You get what you pay for. Always.
      4 0
      H Y
      April 2, 2020
      Enigma > everyone else
      7 1

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