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Finding your perfect dose requires precision. And at Mikro, precision is our priority.

In a world where excess is everywhere, it can be hard not to go overboard when you’re looking to begin integrating edibles into your daily holistic wellness routine.

At Mikro, we believe that cannabis should be accessible, and that belief includes ensuring that options for accurately measured microdosing and dosing for canna-beginners are available to Canadians who want them.

Enjoying the health and wellness benefits of edibles shouldn’t be a gamble; that’s why Mikro edibles help you gauge the exact dose you need for your ideal cannabis experience. With Mikro, you can trust that you’ll feel the same effect, every single time and that you’re in control of deciding the right dose for your unique needs.

  • CBD Concentration: 100mg
  • Common Usage: Stress, Depression, Anxiety
  • Effects: Calming, Happy, Focused

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    Product Description

    CBD Gummies— 100mg (5mg per piece)

    Each Mikro CBD gummy contains 5mg of high quality, ethically sourced, full-spectrum CBD. Dose slow: start with one gummy, increasing your dosage by 5-10mg every 90 minutes as necessary in order to allow the gummy to be fully digested and the CBD to be fully absorbed into your endocannabinoid system.

    Reviews (18)

    18 reviews for Mikro Gummies CBD

    1. Grape
      August 14, 2023
      Delicious, easy to dose
      Delicious. Easy to customize dose. Sleep came easier.
      July 26, 2023
      Really tastey and do the trick for helping with sleep
      Ron Evans
      July 19, 2023
      Mikro gummies
      Taste good no after taste work good on my pain relief
      November 4, 2022
      Nice gummies, nice staff and nice costumers service. Highly recommended.
      August 3, 2022
      Really nice way to get micro doses. Wish it was stronger on the CBD tho. Grapes taste great.
      July 19, 2022
      Great taste, great texture, great gummies and great way to get micro doses.
      Adryanna Kostuk
      July 1, 2022
      These were my first cbd gummies and aside from mild relief when taking them, the honey taste was absolutely awful. Would not purchase a second time.
      Chris Ratelle
      April 7, 2022
      Love these!
      I love these. Going to be ordering again! Great product.
      December 20, 2021
      Love these
      I love these so much. I love the fact that I can take them anytime of the day to help with stress. The grape is my favorite.
      October 15, 2021
      I really like everything about Mikro gummies. Still have to try honey but grape taste A1
      September 2, 2021
      Love the taste! Works really well. Wish it was 10 mg per gummy.
      July 12, 2021
      tootsi f herereviewing Mikro Gummies CBD will buy again n double the order as it works aa
      July 12, 2021
      TOOTSI F HERE reviewing Mikro Gummies CBD grape excellent
      Sherri Lynn
      July 8, 2021
      Love the taste, easy to swallow just wish it can in 10 mg
      June 16, 2021
      TOOTSI F Here to review the Mikro Gummies CBD grape .Amazing product for pain and relief of aches.
      June 16, 2021
      TOOTSI FRASER Here to review the Mikro Gummies CBD honey flavor,. Nice for ain start on wee amount and work your way up for newbies
      June 16, 2021
      TOOTSI FRASER Here to review the Mikro Gummies CBD . Nice easy to digest and an amzing help with pain.
      Sherri Lynn
      March 31, 2021
      Love the taste. No after taste. Works great on my back pain.

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