Pacific Grass Rolling Machine – 78mm

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Practical, lightweight, and easy to use, our new Pacific Grass Rolling Machine is a must-have for new and experienced smokers.

  • Size: 78mm
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Creative, Cleaniness

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Pacific Grass Rolling Machine - 78mm $6.99
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    Product Description

    Quickly and easily roll your next joint without wasting any product with the latest addition to the PG rolling kit: a Pacific Grass Rolling Machine!

    Achieve the quality and consistency you can’t get with the traditional hand rolling method and enjoy the result of a perfectly rolled joint every time.

    Reviews (22)

    22 reviews for Pacific Grass Rolling Machine – 78mm

    1. alfrma
      November 22, 2022
      I'm not a great hand roller, so I'm happy that PG came out with tjere own roller.....makes the perfect joint 👌.
      November 20, 2022
      Took a couple try’s
      It took a few attempts but once I figured it out it rolls the perfect joint each time
      November 10, 2022
      Better to have a rolling machine and not need it, than need a rolling machine and not have one. Thanks for the free gift PG team!
      Sandi Gravito
      November 9, 2022
      You need one!
      Like how did we not have one of these before?! Lol!! This is neat, so great!! Thank you!!!
      November 8, 2022
      Nice little roller good for when I don't wanna roll joints and am feeling lazy.
      November 6, 2022
      Free gift
      Tx pg for the free roller good gift. Keep up the great service
      Chris 123
      November 3, 2022
      Good little device and Works every time. Takes a few tries to get it right the first time though. Great free gift !
      October 30, 2022
      Solid roller no better or worse than all the others I've tried.
      October 30, 2022
      Another cool freebie. Thanks PG. much appreciated
      Deven Collins
      October 27, 2022
      I received this as a free gift And it's pretty awesome but I just don't know how to use it lol
      October 25, 2022
      Thanks for the gift!
      I got this roller as an Anniversary Sale freebie - it's not a MUST HAVE, but it's definitely handy! A nice addition to my weed kit, thanks :3
      October 24, 2022
      Use thus for infused joints
      Works great for rolling oil and hash joints :) does the job thanks for the free roller!
      Sébastien Weizineau
      October 22, 2022
      I tried it but I think you just need the exact kind of weed to roll up with this because it can be to much compact and the smoke won’t go through
      October 22, 2022
      Came free with my order and definitely wasn’t disappointed! Always very practical to have when you don’t feel like rolling by hand. Quick perfect join...More
      Came free with my order and definitely wasn’t disappointed! Always very practical to have when you don’t feel like rolling by hand. Quick perfect joints that come out every time
      October 21, 2022
      Better than hand rolling
      No complaints. It works as it should.
      Always nice to have the best looking joints in the group
      October 18, 2022
      Free gift
      Great free gift . Works well tx pg for the rewards
      October 14, 2022
      Did need one but was nice to have and I did try it and it work fine thanks for the gift
      October 11, 2022
      Great little roller, used to have one years ago. Easy to use.
      C Wong
      October 4, 2022
      good product for people who do not know how to roll. compact, works well
      October 2, 2022
      Works well.
      Works well. Got it free so you can't complain at all. Fits in the travel bag well.
      September 29, 2022
      Anniversary freebie
      Thank you so much. Easy use and handy. Happy Anniversary folks. Can't wait to see what's next.
      September 26, 2022
      Nice product for people who don't know how to roll !

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