RAW Black Classic – Rolling Paper- 1 1/4 Size


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  • RAW Black Natural Unrefined 1 1/4 Rolling Paper
  • 50 Leaves Per Pack

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RAW Black Classic - Rolling Paper- 1 1/4 Size $2.50
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    Product Description

    • RAW Black is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever made. RAW Classic Natural Rolling Papers are unflavored and used to turn tobacco or herbal blends into a cigarette or cone
    • Made of unbleached blended plant material such as flax and hemp with a slow-burning connoisseur burn design
    • Every Raw leaf is unique and comes in a variety of sizes that accommodate wide or regular filter tips
    • Whether you display your rolling skills with a filter crutch or glass tip RAW products are the natural kings
    • Paper pack booklets contain leaves that work with most rollers and smoking accessories.

    Reviews (43)

    43 reviews for RAW Black Classic – Rolling Paper- 1 1/4 Size

    1. rfmwinger
      May 17, 2024
      Really like these...roll nice..burn nice
      Luv the size its perfect. Always keep on hand
      May 3, 2024
      Always the one
      Paper feels much better than the organic hemp. Easy to roll and burns well. Best all round paper in the market.
      Brayden Byrko
      April 21, 2024
      Raw papers
      Great little freebie to add with the order, lasted me through my oz smoked even
      March 8, 2024
      Great products raw makes good smoke accessories thanks pg keep it up
      March 6, 2024
      RAW papers are great and easy to use. Strong paper and burns well.
      March 6, 2024
      Best papers available on the market. Burns well and very easy to use.
      RAW Black Classic - Rolling Paper- 1 1/4 Size photo review
      Ash Kay
      February 7, 2024
      Free gift
      Great papers. Clean and even burning
      Free free thanks PG
      December 2, 2023
      Raw classic
      Great price and paper
      Thank you
      Will start purchasing papers from here
      RAW Black Classic - Rolling Paper- 1 1/4 Size photo review
      Ash Kay
      November 7, 2023
      Great papers
      Nice even burn no glue taste and longer than regular to pack it tight, free gifts are always a great bonus thanks PG
      Brett Beaulieu
      November 1, 2023
      RAW Black Papers
      these have become my go to papers! even better that they were free from gifts ! thanks PG
      Lyle Davidson
      September 13, 2023
      Classic wrap
      Thin, clean burning, and easy to roll with. Everything you need from a classic wrap.
      September 11, 2023
      Same old Beauties
      Cant go wrong here, been around long enough to know whats up
      August 25, 2023
      can’t go wrong with some raws! nice and even burn. good quality papers.
      Jesse Lauzon
      August 13, 2023
      Better then zig zag
      I switch to these from zig zags. A bit better and burns cleaner.
      July 29, 2023
      Roll me another on from pacific grass. These taste great and stick together well. If you like joints you will like these papers.
      July 16, 2023
      Definite improvement
      These seem to stick together better than the last RAW papers I got. So far so good!
      muffin mouillé
      July 10, 2023
      my favorite
      those raw paper are my favorite with 1 1/4 size i try to think to always add 1 to my order
      Jaclyn Lark
      June 19, 2023
      I like how they are just a tiny bit longer than the regular size. Raw is my fave brand and these are great.
      May 5, 2023
      Simply the best papers ever made. Thank you RAW for being so awesome.
      Alexandra P.
      March 24, 2023
      Great papers. Clean and even burning. What more could you ask for.
      Washing Machine
      March 12, 2023
      These papers are super easy to work with. Easy rolling and smooth burning.
      March 2, 2023
      These are by far my favorite rolling papers to use. Easy rolling and easy burning.
      February 20, 2023
      These papers (any RAW papers really) burn well and are easy to roll.
      February 15, 2023
      Greatest papers ever. Easy to roll and big enough for my daily use.
      December 28, 2022
      Great papers
      These are my favorite rolling papers to use. Not harsh to use like some papers can be.
      December 17, 2022
      Greatest papers in the whole world. Easy rolling and burns well.
      November 4, 2022
      Nice papers, nice staff and nice costumers service. Highly recommended.
      Jaclyn Lark
      October 20, 2022
      Best rolling paper yet from the best rolling paper brand ever. Also a great price thru pacific grass! Cheapest I’ve paid for them.
      September 6, 2022
      Hands down the best rollies on the market. Perfect size, nice and thin and easy to roll. Good price.
      August 1, 2022
      Best papers ever. Always go with these anytime available.
      July 28, 2022
      Great Papes
      These are becoming my goto papers. Super thin and with an even burn, makes great rolls with even the stickiest of the icky. No bleach. Perfect.
      Alexandra P.
      May 29, 2022
      Love these papers, raw is an excellent brand that I often buy. Nice roll, burn, and quality.
      Alexandra P.
      April 23, 2022
      These are greater papers. Easy to use and the size I prefer.
      Alexandra P.
      February 12, 2022
      Great papers. Nice and thin, and burn evenly. No complaints.
      January 18, 2022
      RAW Black Natural Unrefined Hemp Rolling Paper- 1 1/4 Size
      I love these papers. I always buy OCB thins but they're not always available to me. A friend turned me on to these and I really like them. Easy to rol...More
      I love these papers. I always buy OCB thins but they're not always available to me. A friend turned me on to these and I really like them. Easy to roll, durable from start to finish and now I have a place that always has them. Unbleached is a good thing as well.
      January 13, 2022
      Great papers and got them for free by buying the top shelf bundle. 5/5
      Charly Haze
      December 20, 2021
      Great paper not avaible in town , and at a good price !
      October 11, 2021
      Great pappers burn very well easy to use would recommend use lol
      Bryan Bot
      September 26, 2021
      Don’t know why I go to the store for these when they’re just as affordable (and on sale even cheaper) as the corner stores.
      Alexandra P.
      August 12, 2021
      Love these papers. Awesome size and they burn great

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